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Get the best wedding DJ in Sydney working for you

Lindsay McCormack of Awesome DJs understands that you have spent months planning the perfect night – and you are trusting him with a large role in having it run smoothly. This is a responsibility he takes very seriously, which is why he always shows up fully prepared to make your night one to remember. When you choose Lindsay for your wedding DJ hire in Sydney, he’ll create custom playlists and CDs based on a combination of your taste and his knowledge of how to set the right mood and what songs make a party go off. He also performs quality control by listening to all custom CDs and making sure they set the perfect mood before bringing them to your reception.

Not many Sydney wedding DJs can offer the personally tailored service that Lindsay does. Because he knows that every wedding is as individual as the bride and groom, he takes the time to listen to your plans for the big day and the mood you wish to set, and makes sure this is reflected in the music. Lindsay gets ready for your wedding by tapping into your vision for the day, learning what his role in the ‘big picture’ will be, and ensuring you are both on the same page.

Awesome DJs put in the preparation

Lindsay has built a reputation as one of the leading wedding DJs in Sydney. This is partly due to his ability to get everyone – from your five-year-old flower girl to your great uncle – grooving on the dance floor. He understands that putting in a good performance means putting in the preparation – those final six hours of spinning are the culmination of multiple hours of behind-the-scenes work. He puts in the hard yards before the wedding, ensuring he has all your favourite songs and the ideal playlists prepared. He will also contact your wedding venue to check that all the practical considerations are taken care of.

While there are many wedding DJs for hire in Sydney, they're not all made equal. Lindsay knows that having a passion for music is not enough; a great wedding DJ puts in the hard yards in preparation before the wedding. He ensures he has all your favourite songs and has the ideal playlists prepared. He will contact your wedding venue and check the best places for him to unload and load his equipment, how to access the building, and to double check the acoustics and available electronics.

When you need a wedding DJ, hire Lindsay McCormack for a rockin' end to your perfect day.